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The highly competitive world of modern agriculture has emphasized the importance of efficient and effective fertilisation products and techniques. Origin Agri Science was created as a response to this need. 

Value creation through proper fertiliser input and techniques is our passion. With combined industry experience more than 50 years, Origin Agri Science has the in-house expertise and agronomy relationships to assist our clients in a scientific yet simplified approach. 

Our client based focus is reflected in our vision, mission and values.


and Combined approach methodology

We use a combined approach in the formulation of our products which incorporates an organic and/or biological component in the formulation. Humus as a source of carbon and microbes which promotes soil health is used in Origin Agri Science products. Origin believes that our combined approach is superior to a chemical only methodology and contributes to the success of our clients through increased fertigation effectiveness and yield.

Phosphate-based products:

• Diammonium phosphate
• Monoammonium phosphate
• Single superphosphate
• Triple superphosphate
• NPK compounds

Potash-based products:

• Muriate of potash
• Sulphate of potash
• NPK compounds

Nitrogen-based products:

· Anhydrous ammonia
· Ammonium sulfate
· Calcium ammonium nitrate
· Urea
· UAN (urea ammonium nitrate) solutions
· NPK compounds